Our Advisory Team

Ashley Tidwell

C-Level Executive Assistant & Project

Jorge M. Barrière

HQ Staff Officer, 129th Rescue Wing -
Consultant - Writer - Guest Lecturer

Dr. Ted Lu

Founder Berkeley Analog, Inc.

Joseph Barone

Executive Advisory Board Member

Aakash Shah

Executive Advisory Board Member

Samuel Norway

Innovation Planning - Global Strategy 

Jesse Barreda

Social Media Management - Graphic & Web Design 

Neil MacPherson

Executive Advisory Board Member

Ann Marie Nelson

Executive Advisory Board Member

Lyssa-Jenness Roselli 

Speech-Language Pathology - Education & Licensed Psychiatric Technician

Dr. David Xu

Mobile Technology & Cloud Based Computing - GPS Strategy - Artificial Intelligence

Alex Golitz

 Construction Manager – Senior Project Engineer

Lisa Lettiere

Account Management & Sales - Administration for Medical Devices & Services, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Companies

Bradford D. Alexander

Sports Industry Professional (Golf)
Affiliation: Member, PGA of America & Rules Committee

Serge Klimoff

Senior Director - Application Engineering - SIRIUS XM - AUTOMATIC LABS

 Michael Ballard

President & CEO - Software Programmer – Telecommunications – Medical Devices - Food & Wine

Jarrod Rice

Network Security Expert - Information Management Advisor

John DeBrocke

CEO, Achievement Awards

Jodi Ridgeway

Registered Nurse - Critical Care & Surgery - Researcher

Mihail Grumeza

Executive Advisory Board Member

Ben Segura

Network Architecture - Fiber Innovation

Dr. Jill Hessler

Leading Facial Plastic Surgeon - 
Stanford Clinical Faculty Member

Chantell McGuire Deitz

Executive Advisory Board Member

Aleksandar Vitomirov

Law Student and Aspiring Tech
Transactional Attorney

Shannon Ellison

Real Estate Agent – Interior Designer

Dr. Harry Chen

Technical Advisory - Intelligent Systems & Mobile Computing 

Melissa Alpan


John S. MacArthur

International Tax - Global Strategy - Associate Law Professor

Dr. Joseph Lim

Professor - Guest Speaker

Michael Claeys

Communications Professional, Specializing in Medical Science and Research

Jared Burrows

Software Industry Professional Affiliation: Software Engineer, Google

James Taylor

Executive Advisory Board Member

Joe Garfola

Global Technology - Security & Information Services

Zeki Gunay

 CEO - Electrical Engineer - Business Director

Bin Wu

Global Technology - Security & Information Services

Christian B.E. Hines

Attorney, IP and Corporate
Transactional and Litigation