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Adela Ekman

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Member of the Board

   Adela Ekman was named Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Board in February of 2009 for About The Kids Foundation. At 88 years of age, Adela is also the youngest oldest active woman COO and Senior Board Member in the United States for a nonprofits 501 c3 organization.


Joseph Ekman

Founder & Chairman of the Board

   Joseph Ekman is a 10th Generation Californian, dedicated father, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author, Inventor, Researcher, High School & Junior High Athletic Coach and Registered Federal Lobbyist and is currently the Founder and CEO of the Hartnell De La Guerra Corporation. As Chairman of the Board for About The Kids Foundation, Mr. Ekman brings over 42 years of business & technology experience.


Peter Passantino

Chief Financial Officer & Senior Member of the Board

   Peter J. Passantino is currently a Board Member and Chief Financial Officer for About The Kids Foundation. A father of one son, Passantino brings more than 43 years experience as a CPA with varying types of business enterprises. Passantino is also the co-founder of, the Chief Financial Officer of Sports Immersion Technology group Inc., and the General Partner of his own tax and accounting practice in Dublin, California.

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