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Zeki S. Gunay

Zeki S. Gunay is an Executive Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. Zeki is a leader in both technological and business developments.

Currently, Zeki is the CEO for CRATUS Technology, Inc., and Internet of Things (IoT) Design Services Company, providing intelligent sensing for the connected world. CRATUS targets automation, robotics, transportation, agriculture, and other emerging markets by creating connected sensor modules customized for end applications. Zeki leads a team of technologists, product developers, and managers, and markets with expertise in electrical engineering, industrial and mechanical design, along with cutting edge firmware and software development.

Zeki earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and continued on to earn his Masters from Texas A&M University. His early work experience consisted of market analysis design and strategic planning. He transitioned into a business development and system engineering role, specializing in battery management solutions for Texas Instruments. Soon after, Zeki moved to the Bay Area where he became the Business Director for Integrated Device Technology, Inc. In the interim years before becoming CEO of CRATUS, Zeki was the Director of Applications and Marketing for Synaptics, and a Board Member and Founder of CharloT Wireless, Inc.

Zeki is admired by colleagues for his business development thought process and skills. “Observing Zeki talking to customers is almost like watching a doctor trying to listen to the pulse of a patient,” one former teammate claimed. Zeki is known for his open-mindedness, sense of humor, and his down-to-earth nature. He has many admirations of being intelligent and driven, with a keen, empathetic understanding for identifying market needs. Zeki has built a highly respected reputation as a creative and strong business man. With his unique ability to create high level relationships, he has been able to excel in successful business development.

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