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Sergey Klimoff

Sergey Klimov is an Executive Technical Advisory Board Member with the About The Kids Foundation. Sergey is a versatile senior level director and entrepreneur who excels at applying business knowledge to identify new business opportunities and developments. These same skills are expertly applied to the realm of social entrepreneurship aimed at improving healthcare and reducing poverty.

Sergey is an experienced entrepreneur having held key roles in startup from inception to successful exit for a number of companies. In addition to his prolific technical and engineering skills, he has vast experience in management and project direction from conception through completion. He has held key roles in both Silicon Valley startups as well as long established high tech companies including Intel, Sony, and Linkedin. Successful startups date back to 1998 with Virage where he designed and implemented several key elements and applications essential to the product (a Windows based multimedia software capturing video, audio, and metadata in real time, has been deployed at hundreds of major corporations, universities, media and entertainment companies and government agencies). Others include, SavedPlus (co-founder and CTO) and Loop Now Technologies.

Sergey Klimov holds a M.S. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Moscow State Technical University. His PhD work in artificial intelligence includes the thesis: Building Decision Making Support AI Systems. He is an advocator for customer and data-driven development; consistently creating consumer oriented products that are simple, powerful and fun to use by millions of people. Sergey currently lives in San Jose, CA.

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