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Samuel James Northway

Samuel James Northway is an Executive Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. A proud father of three incredible young girls, Samuel has a global reputation with over 18 years of director level experience with companies such as AT&T, Deloitte Digital, and Goldman Sachs.

As a respected subject matter expert, Samuel is a frequent contributor to an array of business, product development, and design related initiatives. Currently, Samuel is acting Vice President of Product Design at Goldman Sachs, New York, NY. With an accredited background of bringing design thinking to global brands, Samuel leads teams in the development of new business ideas, innovation planning, research, strategy, and product development.

Samuel has built a global reputation as a thought leader in technology, product development, and design within a diverse group of industries and sectors. His work has a pointed focus on delivering experiences that elevate the brand and enhance the everyday lives of the consumer.

Samuel and his three daughters share a passion for music and the outdoors. Samuel is the head coach for youth soccer teams, an active and loving father, and a contributor to local non-profits for the betterment of community, family, and the environment.

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