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Melissa Alpan

Melissa Alpan is an Executive Advisory Board Member with About The Kids Foundation. She has enjoyed a successful career advertising.

Advertising is Melissa’s native language and she is fluent in all aspects of art direction and copy writing She uses both copy and the language of type, color, layout, and media to translate the client’s needs into engaging ideas and memorable brands. Her work is best described as a combination of strong ideas, clean design, clear communication, and positive positioning.

Melissa has worked with well known companies and advertising agencies in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Los Angeles. Her artistic talent shaped collateral and advertising/direct mail for Amazon, SF MOMA, Time/Life Inc. and Hawaiian Airlines, to name just a few. She attended School of Visual Arts in New York for a couple years and graduated from University of Hawaii, Manoa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Her experience in DM marketing includes A/B testing, B2B, B2C as well as Marketing Automation & CRM. Her most current e-mail campaigns were conducted at both and at at Watt Stopper where she was responsible for managing all out going campaigns for clients. Her role was quality control, perfecting the messaging, following up on results, and structuring new themes to reach target audiences.

As a Creative Director at Anthology Marketing, she produced award-winning work for clients including Hawaiian Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton, American Savings Bank, Kauai Visitors Bureau, Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Starwood Hotels. With ICE Standard Technologies, Melissa has been a great resource, for not only her ideas, but for forming messaging, website design, and details small and large to reach the best results relevant to the ongoing project.

Like all creatives, she inhabits a world of her own. Hers just happens to be exceedingly well designed.

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