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Dr. Ted Lu

Ted is the founder of Berkeley Analog, Inc. where he led a team that helped leading high-tech companies such Broadcom, Altera/Intel, Micrel/Microchip, LSI, Zarlink/Microsemi, UMC, and Sony, as well as, VC-backed startups to design the most challenging analog circuits. Berkeley Analog is known with its capabilities to design ADC, DAC, PLL, PMIC and sensor ICs with the best performance and lowest power consumption in the industry.

Ted's team developed a 12-bit, 700KSPS ADC, that works up to AEC’s (Automotive Electronics Council) highest specified temperature of 150ºC. This ADC performance (ENOB or Effective Number of Bits, power, etc.) and temperature range is one of the best in the industry. Ted's team also developed a series of "High PSRR, Low Noise, Low Power LDO” and shipped to leading smartphone companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi, exceeding 4 billion units. This LDO series is now the industry leader in performance and market share.

Ted worked for Intel, AMD, and PLX (IPO in 1999 and later acquired by Broadcom) in various positions before he started Berkeley Analog. Ted was a Technology Advisor and Board Member with Oplink (Nasdaq: OPLK). Koch Industries acquired Oplink for $445 million in 2014. Ted passed the Ph.D. qualifying exam in physics from Purdue University then received his master's degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley.

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