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Dr. Harry Chen

Harry Chen is an Executive Technical Advisory Board Member with the About The Kids Foundation. Harry is an experienced software engineer with a passion for social entrepreneurship. He is interested in applying innovations to improve healthcare and reduce poverty.

Harry has engineering and management experience in large and startup companies. He was a founding member of two successful Silicon Valley startups -- Siri, Inc. (acquired by Apple in 2010) and Curbside, Inc. (acquired by Rakuten in 2018). At Apple, he was a software engineering manager responsible for the development of Siri natural language applications such as Reminder, Sports, Maps Search and Restaurant Reservations. At Curbside, as a Director of Engineering, he was responsible for the development of Curbside location-aware technology.

Harry Chen has a computer science Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is the co-inventor of Siri and Curbside technology patents. He is the author of 30+ scientific publications in advanced web technologies, mobile computing and artificial intelligence. Harry and his family currently live in Shanghai, China.

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